There are six regional groups:

Eastern European
Western European

Please send a paper to your Regional Editor.

Papers are processed by Associate Editors grouped in the following departments:

management and policy making
economics, econometrics and statistics
computer science

Paper processing in detail
Each Editorial Board member is called an Associate Editor. He or she belongs to one regional group and to (at least) one department.
    Each regional group is coordinated by a Regional Editor (RE); each department is lead by the Department Editor (DE). Nominations are for a two year period.
    DE assembles and keeps the information on the expertise areas of EB members in his or her group.
    RE receives papers from his or her region (see the Instructions for Authors) and decides to which associate editor the paper should be sent for assessment. When in doubt, the paper is sent to DE whose department expertise matches best the paper's content.
    To keep track of the paper processing and avoid overload, each associate editor maintains a page at the journal site, accessible only by the Editorial Board. On this page, papers processed by this associate editor will show ordered by reviewer name and date requesting review (no paper title, no author names). Interested parties (RE, DE, other associate editors) must consult that home page to avoid overloading the associate editors and same referees used by someone else in the past 3 months.
    RE may choose not to accept a paper for processing in case the paper is obviously inappropriate for ITEM.
    The associate editor who receives a paper sends it to two referees (could be EB members) and, depending on the reviews, recommends to his or her Department Editor whether or not to publish the paper. If DE accepts the recommendation, the paper is forwarded to print.
    It is expected that associate editors who form a regional group meet at some occasions (formal or informal) and discuss the ITEM editorial policy and other related issues. In particular, each regional group's role is to promote ITEM and attract submissions from their region.