Vo Anh, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane,  AUS. Finance and turbulence, statistics of random processes, stochastic differential equations.

Jozef Bendkowski
, Silesian University of Technology, PL.

Richard Bonner
, University of Malardalen, S.
Mathematics, computer science.  Optimization, mathematical statistics, decision making ,control theory, assessment..

Kiyotada Hayashi,
National Agricultural Research Center, Tsukuba, JP. Agri-environmental problems, decision analysis, and multicriteria analysis.

Onesimo Hernandez-Lerma
, Centro de Investigaciones y de
Estudios Avanzados, IPN, Mexico City, MX. Markov decision processes, stochastic optimisation.

Jan Kaluski, The Silesian University of Technology, Zabrze, PL. Operations research, game theory, statistics and probability theory, reliability, econometrics.

Nicolai N. Leonenko
, Cardiff University, GB and Kiev University, UA.
Time series analysis, econometrics, partial differential equations with random data, statistical analysis of random processes and fields.

Julia Mishura
, Kyiv University, UA.
 Financial mathematics, stochastic differential equations, martingales.

Aleksander Nakonieczny, National University of Kyiv, UA.
 Optimization, mathematical statistics, decision making ,control theory, assessment.

Enzo Orsingher, University of Roma "La Sapienza", I. Probabilistic applications to partial differential equations of stochastic processes, financial mathematics.

Alexander V. Prasolov,
Mathematical modeling of dynamic processes in engineering, mechanics and economics; qualitative analysis of dynamic processes; delay systems control; international trade theory models; oscillations; growth, identification and forecasting of macro economical parameter.

Koji Shimomura
, Research Institute for Economics and Business Administration, Kobe University, JP. Trade theory, applications of dynamic games to economic analysis, economic growth.

Jan Weglarz
, Institute of Computing Science, Poznan University of Technology, PL. Computer science, operational research.

Stelios (Steve) H. Zanakis
, Decision Science and Information Systems. College of Business Administration, Florida International University, Miami, USA.
Multicriteria decision support systems; statistics/optimization interface.

Emmanuel Fernandez, University of Cincinnati, USA. Stochastic systems analysis and control, applied probability, adaptive systems, equipment maintenance and replacement, routing in computer communication networks.